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It’s easy to put things off like grabbing a cup of coffee with that friend that you haven’t seen since high school, or running that errand that you said that you were going to do last week, but the one thing you should never put off though are your health checkups, and dental cleanings are  Read more ➝

You may have heard it once or twice that your teeth are one of the strongest parts of your body, and while that’s true, it’s not indestructible. Even enamel has its limits. Whether through an accident or natural wear and tear, your teeth can become chipped, causing you significant pain and the desire to hide  Read more ➝

Teeth grinding, also medically known as bruxism, is a condition where you unknowingly grind or clench your teeth. This can happen during the day, but it is also common for it to happen at night as well. Those who have it happen more frequently at night are often sufferers of other sleep disorders such as  Read more ➝

Last week we talked about dentures and debunked some cliches surrounding who is able to get them. This week is all about the work that goes into taking care of your dentures to make sure that they stay in optimal condition and keep your mouth healthy as well.   Brushing   As with your natural  Read more ➝

What are Dentures? Dentures are commonly associated with the elderly as seen on T.V and possibly even in your own family. You often only see one type of denture in the media though: the full mouthpiece that Grandma or Grandpa take out of their toothless mouth and put in the glass of water, but that’s  Read more ➝

It doesn’t take much these days to get surface stains on your teeth. Coffee and wine drinkers and those who frequently use tobacco products are most susceptible to developing yellow or grey-toned teeth, but age also plays a role with our teeth naturally darkening the older that we get. However, with the media at our  Read more ➝

Before you ask, no, this is not a team-building exercise like how it sounds, although the bonding procedure will bring your teeth closer together, so the metaphor still works. A couple weeks ago we talked about veneers and how they work to get you that bright celebrity smile. Bonding is very similar in the way  Read more ➝

Have you ever wondered how the teeth of celebrities are so perfect? They’re blindingly white, straight, gap-less, and often cause us to feel insecure about our own teeth. But were they born with these perfect teeth, or is there something else at play here? More than likely, these are not their real teeth and are  Read more ➝

Tooth loss can happen at any age whether it’s through an accident or the natural process of aging. Whatever reason it may be, the loss of a tooth for most people results in a lowered self-esteem and even embarrassment. Luckily, with the rise of technology and professionals dedicating themselves to improving lives, dental implants can fix all  Read more ➝

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